Looking for 2 rooms for september

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Inscription : ven. avr. 19, 2024 1:28 pm

Looking for 2 rooms for september

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A friend and I are searching for an apartment in Neuchâtel to move into next September, since we would like to move on from the student residence we are living in now :) 

We are both master students (I'm in biology and she is in migration studies), and we're looking for 2 rooms (max. 600 francs per room) in a shared apartment. We're both quite active people, and as much as we like spending our time hiking, climbing or doing all kinds of sports, we also enjoy spending quiet evenings at home eating together or watching a movie :) 

If you have a space that matches our criteria or if you're interested in teaming up to find a place together, please reach out on +34644223909! 

Thank youu in advance


pd: If you have similar spaces by the start of july/august we can also talk about it ;)