tandem Mandarin-français

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tandem Mandarin-français

Messagepar mendesj2 » jeu. oct. 04, 2018 12:40 pm

Hello I am searching someone that speaks chinese and would want to do a tandem with me. I can either help you with french, german or english.

Just write me if you are interested :)


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Re: tandem Mandarin-français

Messagepar rengglig » mer. nov. 21, 2018 9:07 am


Une personne de l'EPFL est intéressée par votre annonce.

Voici son contact:

Hello Joana,
My name is Yao from EPFL and I am a native Mandarin speaker. I will move to Neuchatel soon and I would like to find a partner to improve my French skills (currently B1 level) in speaking and listening.
Please contact with me via +41779171982 or yao.di@epfl.ch if you are interested.
Have a nice day!

Bien cordialement.